Funding Business Growth

Debtor Finance or “Factoring” to Fund Business Growth

There can be no denying that SMEs all around Australia struggle to access capital for growing their business.

Cash flow problems are the number one challengeFunding Business Growth with Factoring Finance of small businesses across the country. Fortunately Invoice Financing, Factoring and Debtor Finance is available to almost all SME’s.

Nova Business Finance, in association with Business Working Capital, may be your SME finance solution.

Although still not well understood, Debtor Finance is beginning to gain acceptance as a preferred tool to fund SME business growth.

  • One of the clear benefits of this type of funding is that the security is the invoice and no real estate is required.
  • Unlike most banks there is no need for ‘bricks and mortar’ which is usually the family home, to be used as security, for the lending.

Check out this interesting article on how to wisely fund your business growth without resorting to personal loans or credit cards.

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