Debtor Finance

Business Working Capital has been offering Debtor Financing to small to medium- across Australia for years and we have over 30 years of industry expertise.

Typical businesses that use Debtor Financing are companies such as wholesalers, distributors, job agencies, IT firms, call centers, transport companies.

Benefits in Debtor Finance

  • Uses available funds for company growth / expansion
  • Meet payroll without worrying “where to find revenue”
  • Pay unpaid tax and remain current
  • Is balance sheet favorable because it is not foreign or additional debt
  • No fixed interest, the debt is offset by settlement of the contract by the consumer
  • Take advantage of the supplier’s timely settlement discounts.
  • Use money tied up in unpaid sales invoices to recruit additional employees to grow
  • Use money tied up in unpaid sales invoices to buy machinery for more productive market activity
  • Boost your reputation with the vendors as a trustworthy payer
  • More stable cash flow

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